From One To Many


Start using Julia to do simulations of quantum systems with many interacting particles! We will write a single-core exact diagonalization code which can handle a variety of models from quantum physics, using Julia to make it readable and performant. We'll tour the Julia package ecosystem for useful packages that will help us store our results to share with others and get to the interesting physics. Then, we'll use some of Julia's parallel features to scale up our code to do many-body simulation on many-core and many-node systems in a convenient, reproducible, and fast way. You need not ever have written any Julia before. We'll use physics examples as natural motivation to explore Julia's capabilities, but no background in quantum mechanics is required. We will introduce the models as we go.

Jan 31, 2019 1:25 PM
Berkeley, CA
Katharine Hyatt
Postdoctoral Scholar

My research focuses on developing new numerical methods to understand 2D correlated electronic systems, and finding interesting applications in condensed matter physics for these methods. I also moonlight as a sometime Julia language and package developer.